What is MOTTEP?

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History of The Foundation

MOTTEPĀ® is the actualization of 15 years of systematic study and research beginning in 1980 to investigate the low rate of organ donation among the Black population.  To reduce the number and rate of ethnic minority Americans needing organ and tissue transplants in 1996, National MOTTEP partnered with Gift of Life Michigan (formerly the Transplantation Society of Michgian) and Detroit MOTTEP was established under the guidance of Alfred Bolden Jr.  In July 1997, Remonia Chapman joined the Detroit MOTTEP team and helped to recruit new board members to the Detroit MOTTEP Advisory Board.  This board set forth a strategic plan to the Detroit site to become one of the premier sites of National MOTTEP.  For 10 years the Detroit MOTTEP Advisory board has supported the programs of Detroit MOTTEP site (Gift of Life MOTTEP).  In January 2007, the MOTTEP Advisory Board received its own 501Ā©3 status as the Detroit MOTTEP Foundation, Inc.

MOTTEP Accomplishments

- Implementation of the first model National Minority Transplant Strategic Plan.


- Reached individuals through more than 10 billion media impressions and community health education activities.


- First to inaugurate National Minority Donor Awareness Day - August 1st.  This day significantly emphasizes the importance of minority

participation in organ/tissue donation and transplantation activities.


- Published manuscrips in at least 20 books, journals and other publications.


- Appeared on international and national television shows - CNN, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Maury Povich Show, Nightline, Black

Entertainment Television (BET), CBS Evening News.


- Produced and Hosted "Focus on Health" - a weekly two-hour radio call-in talk show on WOL (currently Radio One in Washington, DC

and Baltimore, MD) 1993-1995.

Detroit MOTTEP Foundation

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